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Lelo, Rio de Janeiro

Great news stuff from Lelo.  The last image is a collaboration with Tika

See older work by Lelo here

artist: Lelo

location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



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surianii X le chevreuil, paris

two great artists collaborating, with awesome results.  surianii & le chevreuil hit 8 walls together this past weekend.

see recent le chevreuil work here, and results from surianii’s trip to london here

artists: surianii & le chevreuil

location: paris, france

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le chevreuil, deer in paris

le chevreuil has been pasting deer around paris for the past 18 months; some sporting fashionable coats.  the inquisitive deer have already made it as far as japan & korea

artist: le chevreuil

location: paris

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lelo, rio de janeiro

“When I was a kid, I used to believe that if you eat a seed a tree would grow in your stomach”

‘all hail my hands’

artist: lelo

location: rio de janeiro, brazil


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