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K74 Hits Tel Aviv

From LA to Tel Aviv. Yuli appears in multiple locations, including alongside Ame72‘s lego men. The ‘Kiss of death’ piece gets Isreali and Palestinian hats.  The bottom image is alongside a huge piece by Pilpeled

artist: K74

location: Tel Aviv, Israel


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rallito-x, advertising parodies, barcelona

‘since i invest in rallito-x, my life has changed’

‘all the rich and famous buy the art of rallito-x’

‘forget about the swine flu… with rallito-x’

artist: rallito-x

location: barcelona, spain

see more recent work from rallito-x on unurth here

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k74, kiss of death, los angeles

‘kiss of death’
(alongside mr brainwash & nomade)

‘moses bringin the noise’

k74 addresses the swine flu ‘epidemic’, and brings moses back into play.  see more from k74: a bigger moses, headless chickens & yuli

artist: k74

location: melrose & la brea, los angeles

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