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ABCNT, Neda, Los Angeles

“As humanists we are saddened and enraged by humanity’s shortcomings: in this case, the abject and repugnant assassination of a young woman. What makes Neda so special are the circumstances of her death. Random and cruel, her execution goes against all basic human instincts and those values our species takes pride in defending.” via: examiner

ABCNT has been pasting this image in Los Angeles in support of the momentum of outrage over the killing of Neda Soltan in Tehran.

artist: ABCNT

location: Los Angeles


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Armsrock, Bremen

These are all original hand-drawn pasteups.  There’s a good interview with Armsrock here

Quite often I have had the experience that I have been portraying something that was perhaps grim in some way, but I have been trying to capture something beautiful even in the grim parts”

artist: Armsrock

location: Bremen, Germany

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K74 Hits Tel Aviv

From LA to Tel Aviv. Yuli appears in multiple locations, including alongside Ame72‘s lego men. The ‘Kiss of death’ piece gets Isreali and Palestinian hats.  The bottom image is alongside a huge piece by Pilpeled

artist: K74

location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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Cake X Feral, NYC

A great collaboration – really nicely incorporates both Cake & Feral’s styles.  See older Cake here; see older Feral here

artists: Cake + Feral

location: NYC

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Monsieur Qui, Paris

artist: Monsieur Qui

location: Paris, France

top image by JeremyDP

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Jerm IX + Andrew01, Confession and Portrait, Vancouver

Jerm IX’s confession column (extract) + Andrew01’s portraits of Jerm IX & his wife

Jerm IX’s cascading confession column
“…and here’s to finally screaming what you’ve never even whispered.”

I’ve featured Jerm IX’s ‘Statements’ series before, where words of wisdom, poetry or sentiments are placed around Vancouver.   I’ve also featured Andrew01’s ‘Portraits’ series, which puts community members’ portraits in context on the streets.

Recently Jerm IX & Andrew01 collaborated on a really powerful piece:  a combination of Jerm IX’s ‘cascading confession column’ (the second image is the full piece) with Andrew01’s portraits of Jerm IX and his wife – bringing a face to the confession, and taking both to the community.

Jerm IX says:
“Creating and putting up the ‘cascading confession’ changed my life.
…and that is what street art, and all art should be about. being honest with ourselves.”

artists: Jerm IX + Andrew01

location: Vancouver, Canada

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Smog City, Skulls, Los Angeles

artist: Smog City – see older work here

location: Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

note – the first skull is pasted over one of these Mr. Brainwash pasteups

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