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Armsrock, Bremen

These are all original hand-drawn pasteups.  There’s a good interview with Armsrock here

Quite often I have had the experience that I have been portraying something that was perhaps grim in some way, but I have been trying to capture something beautiful even in the grim parts”

artist: Armsrock

location: Bremen, Germany


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Lelo, Rio de Janeiro

Great news stuff from Lelo.  The last image is a collaboration with Tika

See older work by Lelo here

artist: Lelo

location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Chasin, Handstand, Paris

Great use of the stars for the arms, face & body

artist: unknown / Chasin?

location: Paris, France

photo: JeremyDP

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Zez608, barcelona

artist: Zez / Zez608

location: barcelona, spain

pc: troballola & zez608

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jana und js, madrid + paris

jana and js, part of the WCA collective, create wonderful figures who are often taking photos of the observer – street art photography of street art photography

artists: jana und js

location: paris & madrid

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surianii X le chevreuil, paris

two great artists collaborating, with awesome results.  surianii & le chevreuil hit 8 walls together this past weekend.

see recent le chevreuil work here, and results from surianii’s trip to london here

artists: surianii & le chevreuil

location: paris, france

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relax X white mike, los angeles

relax & white mike went pasting together recently in los angeles.  relax does really interesting, striking images of almost-life-sized people.  white mike has been running an awareness campaign about the precipitous drop in the great white shark population, which has seen this image pasted around the US.  See older work here.

i recently came across a white mike print edition being sold at the guy hepner gallery, for … $9,995.  i really hope this is an awareness campaign for shark population declines, and not for overpriced art.

pc: lord jim


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