Not Banksy, Art Giveaway, Bristol

Abstract rat

‘Good artists copy, great artists steal. Picasso. Banksy. Ephemeral One. Tox09.’

‘Not Banksy’ is an amusing ‘Banksy subversion’ project.  40 ‘unique pieces’ were just dropped in Bristol.

“A covert attempt to bring back the attainability of Banksy trinkets in an age of bourgeois auction house gentrification.
A:  Subverting the street art industry from within?

B:  Capturing the essence of what gives graffiti its edge over other art forms;  complete transience and lack of entrance fees?

C:  A low level promotional stunt?

D:  Conceptual brilliance?
No answers to be found here, other than to say giving away some art sounded like fun.”

check out more of the work here

artist: Not Banksy / Ephemeral One

location: Bristol



Filed under street art

2 responses to “Not Banksy, Art Giveaway, Bristol

  1. awesome & crafty, i like it.

  2. As done visually by BA5H

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