Mr Brainwash, In Lakers We Trust, Los Angeles

This is MBW’s latest mural on his studio. It celebrates the Lakers’ NBA championship, and has gone up the day before the Lakers’ parade.

It might be an understatement to say Mr Brainwash polarizes opinion.  While some people love his work, and he sells prints and originals at blazing speed, others criticize him for lacking originality and being overly commercial.  I like a lot of his work, but to me this piece doesn’t make it any easier to defend him.

I’m interested what others think.  Certainly some people must like this image – the print edition sold out instantly.

artist: Mr Brainwash

location: Los Angeles



Filed under street art

4 responses to “Mr Brainwash, In Lakers We Trust, Los Angeles

  1. The $tatus Faction

    This guys makes 25 prints and puts him on his website, they instantly “sell out” but then available on eBay seconds later. I smell something fishy. I suspect he puts his own work on ebay, all of it is “buy it now” and none of the other shit has bids on it. It’s all sold shipped from unknown locations too. I think he just makes shit appear to be “sold out” and then slangs it an alternate venues. Plus it looks like his projector was at a skewed angle making the perspective of that text on his new mural warped. Unless that’s just the photo. Personally I’m sick of the MBW brand of art. I doubt that Thierry even painted that, it’s likely his French heathens that are still lingering in L.A. while he targets NYC and London.

  2. the ebay stuff is interesting. i think the instant sell-outs also help sell his ‘gallery’ work (which is thousands not hundreds) – e.g.

    the lettering is totally messed up – it’s not the photo.

    it would help a lot if he retired the ‘famous person plus color splash’ and the ‘famous person plus marilyn hair’ series… both have run their course, and are looking formulaic.

  3. The $tatus Faction

    I don’t even HATE the dude, personally I think he’s a decent human being… but his art is just super suspect. If that image wasn’t a dude wearing the #24, it’ just be any basketball player… The face is barely recognizable as Kobe.

    He uses celebrities as a gimmick to sell work. Many people already love Obama, Kobe, Einstein, Sid Vicious, Rolling Stones and on and on and on…

    By using images of iconic celebrities and visionaries it masks the true talent of the artist. We all get blinded by “oh i love superman, and I love obama- thus I love this poster.” However the unoriginality of his compositions/concepts and the minimal thought behind them leave the art and the viewer empty.

  4. Mr Anonymous

    To the poster above, Warhol did the same thing. We live in a time of the celebrity being above all else. Maybe he is infatuated with celebrities, maybe it is a marketing ploy or maybe there is some criticism to it.

    Either way, he nails it sometimes misses other times. This guy doesn’t make art and choose the best to put out there, he puts everything out there for better or worse.

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