‘recycling cities & concepts’, sao paolo



lia fenix



the ‘Reciclando Cidade e Conceitos’ (‘recycling cities and concepts’) show that will occupy the brazilian parliament building will bring together a large group of influential brazilian street artists in one show.  all of the work is on recycled truck tarps, marking ‘the journey across the highways and railways of brazil’ en route to the parliament building.

the show has been curated by the QAZ – Urban Art gallery

artists: Binho Martins, Cena7, Cesar Profeta, Ebert Calaça, Emol, Feik, Gejo, GEN, João Henrique, Lia Fenix, NICK, ONIO, OZI, P R !, Rodrigo Level, Rodrigo Obranco, Tikka, Suzue, Virgílio Neto, Zeila

location: Zumbi dos Palmares Cultural Space at the Brazilian Parliament – June 2 to June 25


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