chubby boob, hanging boobs, los angeles

i’ve been struggling to find out what this is, or who it’s by… i’m pretty sure it’s not skewville, and i’ve checked with berd, it’s not him.  either way, i like it

hanging boobs by chubby boob, who proclaims ‘2009, year of the boob’.

artist: ?? let me know chubby boob (flickr)

location: various places around los angeles; this one is la cienega & 3rd st.

mystery solved courtesy of 455er – thanks!



Filed under street art

3 responses to “chubby boob, hanging boobs, los angeles

  1. Never seen it, but looks like eyeglasses to me! hmmmm

  2. Haha funny. I’ll get to see a bit of him in Rome too, he’s participating in a sticker show here:

  3. The $tatus Faction

    Shit is wack…. it turned out to be just another lame clothing company. The dude sells dead fox tails for keychains. I’m so sick of all these lame ass clothing brands using the streets ti try and build some credibility and relevance for their crappy product. Just buy space in a magazine like everyone else. Too many posers.

    see for yourself:

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