btoy, barcelona





btoy, carmen miranda

btoy, carmen miranda

some recent works from btoy in barcelona

artist: btoy / andrea michaelsson

location: barcelona, spain



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2 responses to “btoy, barcelona

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  2. Gabriela Marques Costa

    “Carmen miranda by btoy”is my favorite.
    This great diva will always remain in our hearts; she’ll always be remembered as “a Pequena Notável” with her beautiful and lovely smile.
    Here in Portugal we also have a Carmen Miranda Museum that is very worthwhile to visit: it has some interesting items!
    As a Painter and Plastic Artist I could not standby upon her 100th birthday celebration, even more, because she was born in a town near mine. So I decided to pay her a tribute by doing an exhibition.
    You can check my blog for more information regarding my tribute to Carmen Miranda. I hope you enjoy it!
    Gabriela Marques da Costa

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