white mike, great white sharks, los angeles & washington dc

white mike, washington dc

white mike, washington dc

white mike, washington dc

white mike, washington dc

white mike, washington dc

white mike, los angeles

recently ‘white mike’ has put up posters of great white sharks around los angeles & washington dc to publicise the dwindling great white shark population:

The sad reality is this: “The global great white population has shrunk 70 percent in the past 50 years.”

artist: white mike

location: los angeles & washington dc

note: recently mark hoppus was on hunt to discover the story behind white mike

update – see more recent post on white mike here



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6 responses to “white mike, great white sharks, los angeles & washington dc

  1. The $tatus Faction

    MYSTERY SOLVED! nice to know! For a hot minute I thought it was Sharktoof, but know the truth is here! Save the GREAT WHITES!

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  4. Dude who thinks Mike White is a phony

    It’s hilarious that out of one gazillion animals in the animal kingdom that have declined in numbers, you chose a shark to exploit. If you’ve been in Los Angeles for the past 3 years you would know where this Mike White dude possibly got his idea for the image from.

    Furthermore, Your raising awareness of sharks is laughable. It’s more like raising awareness of yourself. Just admit you want to be a street artist, it’s okay. But don’t pretend you care about sharks man. There is very little information on the matter on your page, considering all you have to do is cut and paste research material. Instead, there’s a flamboyancy of all this Twittering. Like hey, PLEASE stroke my ego and tell me where you’ve seen my shark effigy.

    This type of false altruism makes me as sick as people selling images on t shirts of famous dead people and not giving any of the proceeds to the dead peoples foundations or charities.

  5. @Dude – you might be right. As I said on this more recent post (http://unurth.com/2009/05/29/relax-x-white-mike-los-angeles/ ), the fact these prints are being sold for $10k throws into doubt the whole project in my mind. If this was about awareness of shark declines, it’s a weird thing to be doing, or at least the money should be going to the cause.

    Also – the image White Mike is using is a Michael Muller image, so it’s not exactly scoring originality points.

    I asked White Mike to tell me what the deal is… no answer so far…

  6. Jim

    White Mike IS Michael Muller. And yes, the prints being sold does call the whole thing into questions.

    Go here for more info on Muller:


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