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financially secure ant, berlin

an ant prepares for the financial crisis in berlin

artist: ?? let me know

location: berlin

pc: thias


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eddie, gold fish lady, san francisco

artist: eddie.  see more recent work by eddie here

location: linden st., san francisco


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sam3, spatial concept billboards, murcia

sam3 has taken a break from his normal huge outline figures to do ‘spatial concept’ billboards in the style of lucio fontana’s ‘slash’ series

there’s also a new sam3 print available at picturesonwalls

artist: sam3

location: murcia, spain


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nomadé hits san francisco

after los angeles & new york,  san francsico is next to be conquered by nomadé.
veni vidi vici

artist: nomadé

location: embarcadero, by the train tracks & waterfront, san francsico

sent in by chicken strip – thanks!


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chirre + mecamut + buytreck, robots, mexico

a collaboration between chirre (left), mecamut (center) & buytreck (right) – part of the animal power crew (APC)

artists: chirre, mecamut, buytreck

location: puebla, mexico

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lelo, rio de janeiro

“When I was a kid, I used to believe that if you eat a seed a tree would grow in your stomach”

‘all hail my hands’

artist: lelo

location: rio de janeiro, brazil


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i am, billboards, new york

i-am, high five

one of the billboards from the nyc illegal billboard takeover i liked most was the skateboard jump progression;  turns out the artist (‘i am’) did a couple of others too – a high five and raising a sign introducing himself

artist: i am

location: nyc

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