k74, moses, los angeles

k74, moses

k74, moses

k74, moses

k74, moses

moses bringin the noise in laurel canyon because “I wanted him on a hill coming down with the speakers…”

artist: K74 (website, flickr)

location: laurel canyon, los angeles



Filed under street art

7 responses to “k74, moses, los angeles

  1. Squint

    this is brilliant! is this still up and where in town is it? if moses were to decend from the santa monica mountains, this is exactly what it would look like

  2. K74

    This is in Laurel canyon between the valley and Hollywood. There are several others around town…Thanks Squint

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  4. This is just FANTASTIC… come to NY to put some smiles on us!!

  5. K74


    Coming soon……..

  6. athengtejano

    Hey what happened to the mural..just passed and erased…

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