corporate pig, yem – am7, venice

yem - am7 - pig

yem - am7 - pig

venice’s corporate pig has got some tlc recently, and is back to looking his best. the tank stencil is unrelated but awesome

artist: yem / krenz / am7 / am-seven

location: abbot kinney blvd, venice

“YEM is an acronym for Y times Energy = Motion
“Yem was the first cat in LA to ever bomb corporates with full color burners,” remembers long time friend world famous Mear One. Yem was climbing walls and billboards long before most. With roots back to the LA Bomb Squad K2S and the mastermind behind AMseven, he was once called Krenz and made his mark all city Los Angeles more then once by the late 80s.
Chali2NA of Jurrasic 5 also a highly skilled graff writer from the same ‘hood recalls, “He did one of my favorite pieces in the Rampart District that stayed up for years.” –



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2 responses to “corporate pig, yem – am7, venice

  1. Andrew Becerra

    What’s the address of this pasting?

  2. it’s abbot kinney & aragon in venice – click on the ‘location’ link for a map

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